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Considered to be an important figure in a company, a corporate secretary is a compliance officer appointed to provide legal and financial advice. Having a corporate secretary can prove beneficial for the company in more ways than one. Here are some of the advantages of hiring corporate secretarial services for your business needs in Singapore.

Why Should Every Company Have A Corporate Secretary?

Meeting the prescribed guidelines—every business in Singapore needs to have a corporate secretary as declared by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Outsourcing it to a firm like DNA Accounting, that provides corporate secretarial services in Singapore, is always a great option.

1. Tracking changes within the company

Firms offering company secretary services in Singapore have an eye on the changes happening within the company and the management, and send the reports back to ACRA.

2. Recording the agendas of the important meetings

The corporate secretarial services take charge of maintaining a record of the minutes of annual board meetings and the agenda discussed.

3. Maintaining registers

They are assigned to keep a track of the Register of Controllers and record the beneficial ownership information, which can be made available to the authorities upon request.

4. Dealing with official correspondence and insurance

Every official correspondence regarding the finances within the company goes through them. With the help of corporate secretarial services in Singapore, you would easily get an insurance cover for your company and its employees.

5. Invaluable experience in the field

Corporate secretaries have years of experience in accounting and finance and are experts in resolving issues linked with your business. So you can always expect a customised solution to all your business-related queries from them.

6. Dedicated attention

Our corporate secretarial services in Singapore will dedicatedly draft your papers and ensure that resolutions filing deadlines are met with.

7. Informing the company about their legal responsibilities

Legal technicalities and company laws won’t trouble you any longer with our corporate secretarial services in Singapore. The company secretaries also inform the board of directors about their legal responsibilities from time to time.

8. Ensures Transparency

Transparency and accountability are tagged along when you hire a trusted firm from the list of corporate secretarial services in Singapore for your company.

9. Acts as a link between the company and the shareholders

All the internal communication, annual reports, accounts, and interim statements happen through the corporate secretary.

What Can The Company Expect From A Corporate Secretary?

A corporate secretary works closely with the board of directors and helps them in making crucial decisions in the company. The secretary guides the directors as well as offers them advice during board meetings. They are also responsible for ensuring that the company follows the laws laid down by governing bodies like ACRA. If there’s a serious breach in compliance, our corporate secretarial services representatives in Singapore will also be held liable along with the directors of your company. The shareholders of the company can contact the secretary to discuss important matters who will then convey it to the board of directors in the next meeting.

1. Value for money

Ask yourself a question before investing your money in company secretary services. Is the service provider transparent about the prices? If the answer is yes, then the source is reliable. However, if the service provider is hesitant about quoting their price upfront, chances are that there are some hidden costs involved.

2. Acquainted with the law

A corporate secretary must be well versed with the laws in Singapore Companies Act so that they can provide legal advice to the company.

3. Responsiveness

Responsiveness in communication is a deciding factor in choosing the right candidate from the company secretary services available. The actions taken to comply with the laws should be prompt and in line with the company.

4. Recommended by the people in the industry

Make sure that you get feedback from the clients on the firm that you’re going to appoint from the many corporate secretarial services in Singapore.

5. Experience

Industry experience matters the most in such places where the company’s reputation is at stake. Seeking help from corporate secretarial services, run by qualified professionals in the team will certainly help you in the long run.

6. Tech-savvy

It’s mandatory to be acquainted with the latest technology, for someone providing company secretary services, as most of the work these days happens digitally.

The role of a corporate secretary is crucial; it’s a job of utmost responsibility that needs to be carried out diligently for the smooth running of a company. So outsourcing your work to company secretary services in Singapore like DNA Accounting would not just be beneficial to improve your company’s overall performance but also help you regulate the process of filing annual returns.

Out of the many competent corporate secretarial services available in Singapore, DNA Accounting hits the mark with quality assurance and timely tax compliance. The professional standards in DNA Accounting outmatch other company secretary services as our highly qualified staff is trained to provide the best legal and financial advice. We believe in accuracy and precision, so you can also expect near perfect paperwork. In short, partnering with us would make your work absolutely top-notch and orderly.

How To Choose A Trusted Corporate Secretarial Service In Singapore?

Selecting the best one from the long list of company secretary services available in Singapore is a tough job. We would highly recommend you to ensure that the firm you’re partnering with has valid documents to prove their competency as company secretary services Singapore. Here are a few other tips you need to remember while shortlisting them.

Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

Most Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) in Singapore have no need for an in-house corporate secretary. Unless your business is constantly going through significant changes, there simply aren’t many tasks that require a corporate secretary’s expertise.

With that said, it is still mandatory for every company to have an appointed corporate secretary. As such, outsourcing corporate secretarial service is the most efficient and affordable option for your company. We have detailed some important points you should know so you can determine your company secretary needs.

A company must appoint a secretary within 6 months from its incorporation date.

All companies must file their annual return within 7 months after the closing of the financial year end.

Companies, unless exempted, are required to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 6 months after the closing of the financial year end.

Whenever you need to change directors, auditors, secretaries, shareholders, or amend details such as the share capital, company registered address or the company name, we will assist to prepare necessary resolutions documents for approval / signatures and file to Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Our Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services include:

  • Incorporation of Singapore Local Company
  • Striking off Singapore Local Company
  • Setting up Register of Controllers
  • Maintenance of proper registers and minute book
  • Preparation of resolutions, including changes in directorship and registered office address
  • Preparation of documents for share transfer, share increases, etc
  • Monitor and remind of deadlines of ACRA compliance
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting and Resolutions for ACRA annual filing
  • Issue Share Certificate
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