Running your own business brings several advantages. From being your own boss, choosing the people you want to work with, to work-life balance. But running a business is not always easy. Business always comes with high risks, and as an owner, you will need to make sure that everything runs smoothly. To make things easier, you can consider external accounting services in Singapore to manage your financial information, cash flow, and taxes.

As part of a successful business plan, accounting firms play an important role in bookkeeping, auditing, tax preparation services, and consultancy for your company. Therefore, engaging the right accounting firm can help to support your business growth in terms of quality services and years of experience, saving you a ton of time and resources.

Here are some tips that you should take note of before engaging accounting services for your business:

Price Point

At first, you might be reluctant to hire an accounting firm. Perhaps, the first thing that comes to your mind is how much it will cost you. However, accounting services are a beneficial investment to make in the long run and it doesn’t have to exceed your budget.

DNA Accounting offers budget-friendly accounting services to help assist any business size, such as SMEs and other small businesses in Singapore. To assist you and your business, DNA Accounting Services will anticipate your needs by outlining some variables of the bookkeeping handle. Our accounting firm has a comprehensive range of accounting and financial services that are customized just for your business.

For example, we provide the preparation of unaudited Financial Statements/ Compilation services, preparation of management accounts, preparation of Fixed Assets Register, among many others.

You are always welcome to contact us to find a suitable accounting package price to cater to your business needs through info@accountingdna.com.sg or +65 6242 3161 / 8338 8041.


While looking for an accounting firm, it is crucial to find a suitable firm with certified expertise and broad industry experience to help you. This will ensure that the accounting firm is experienced in your industry to give your business relevant financial advice and services.

While there are many firms offering similar accounting services, DNA Accounting has a handful of experienced managers to provide what you need. Our accounting firm is equipped with a team of certified Chartered Accountants in Singapore. We are experienced in dealing with clients from various industries and have expertise in auditing, bookkeeping, and taxation.

Aside from that, DNA Accounting has established close working relationships with accounting software, such as XERO, and payroll software, such as Talenox and Infotech.


Another thing to consider is to make sure the communication runs clear in both ways. Communication between a business and an accounting firm is essential to your business’s success.

It is important for an accounting firm to be able to explain complex financial schemes to have easier and more useful financial insights for your business.

At DNA accounting, we pride ourselves on our communication skills by working to fit your time and preferred mode of communication. We are open for discussion even after office hours and on the weekends. Our account manager will remain available for our clients to contact for discussions.

We understand companies are looking for financial expertise with affordable services. Our team at DNA Accounting consists of qualified professional accountants at budget-friendly prices and there is no hidden cost at all – which means, what we quote is what you pay!

DNA Accounting is a one-stop corporate accounting service provider in Singapore that offers a number of services, such as incorporation, accounting services, tax services, and many more.

We carry our services with the intention to humanize corporate financial services by creating personalized services that are suitable for each of our clients.