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How often do you see an accounting service provider offering corporate and financial guidance along with personalised attention? At Accounting DNA, we are a trusted team of accountants and consultants based in Singapore who do exactly that! With expertise in taxation, corporate secretarial services, and accounting, our service managers are ever ready to fulfill your business needs. Be it managing the accounting records of your company or understanding how the cash flow works, we have got you covered. With the guarantee of quality, Accounting DNA has become the go-to and trusted accounting service provider Singapore for many businesses.

Introduction To Our Accounting Firm In Singapore

Running a business can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to if you’re able to measure and predict your own growth. This can easily be achieved by mastering one of the most vital aspects of a business — Accounting.

We at DNA CORPORATE SERVICES PTE. LTD. are a one-stop corporate accounting service provider in Singapore that offers a comprehensive range of services such as incorporation, accounting services, corporate tax filing, ACRA filing to payroll services and so on. This allows us to give your company the affordable, integrated and uninterrupted accounting support it needs to thrive.

We understand that your business needs and goals are unique, and require personalised attention. So regardless of what your specific accounting needs may be, our team will engage you in your preferred method, be it by call or for a face-to-face meeting, and sort through your queries and concerns with you from the moment of inquiry.

To adapt to your ever-evolving schedule as a business owner, we pride ourselves on working to suit your time. Be it after office hours, or on weekends, your dedicated account manager will remain available as a central point of contact to coordinate and respond to your needs as they arise.

Accounts are not to be taken lightly, and our team of Chartered Accountants, Certified Secretaries, Accredited Tax Practitioners (ATP) and Certified Xero Advisors recognise that. In order to give you the freedom to focus on the other elements of your business, we ensure every member of our team is equipped with the expertise needed to ensure all your compliance matters are completely taken care of.

Most importantly, though we may be a small accounting firm in Singapore, we strive to be the singular solution to any of your accounting challenges. With the strict statutory regulations that businesses have to adhere to in Singapore, we understand that some of the processes may be unfamiliar and daunting for you. As such, we will go the extra mile to clarify your doubts, and navigate you through this process, regardless of where, when or what it might be.

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How Our Accounting Firm Work

Our qualified team of account managers work round the clock to assure utmost professionalism in providing a top-notch outsourced accounting service Singapore. We even make use of digital means like e-mail, phone calls, or texts to offer consultations at the click of a button. The team is available on all mediums of communication and you can approach them without any hesitation. We believe in constantly improving our way of working and go through rigorous quality checks to maintain professionalism. As a Singapore accounting service provider, we are equipped with the finest skill sets and are ever ready to provide you with the best service. Our small accounting firm’s customer-centric approach allows us to be flexible with respect to the timings and the locations of the meet-up. So no matter where you are, we would be happy to assist you!

Types Of Accounting Services We Offer

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping to a service provider is always a good option for your business. That’s where a reputed accounting service provider Singapore like Accounting DNA, would come in handy. Listed below are a few services that a small accounting firm in Singapore like ours offers:

Maintaining unaudited financial statements

Preparing an income statement balance sheet and cash flow statement would prove beneficial in providing vital information about your business. This report prepared by our accounting firm would give you a rough idea of the performance within the company.

Preparing management accounts

We also compile extensive management accounts to ensure the smooth functioning of your company. This is considered to be vital information while discussing agendas, planning the finances and meeting the targets.

Compiling a fixed assets register

An outsourced accounting service like DNA Accounting would also prepare a list of the fixed assets that your company owns. Maintaining such a register helps keep track of the value of assets and its depreciation.

Reconciliation of Bank Statements

Accounting DNA would fetch you a summary of all your banking activity and match it with your financial records. This ensures that there aren’t any loopholes in the cash collection and expenses.

Getting hold of the cash flow statements

As an accounting services provider in Singapore, we can also help you with the summary of statements to verify the inward and outward cash flow within the company.

Generating reports on behalf of the company

We understand that there might be a requirement of developing monthly, quarterly or annual reports. With assistance from a professional accounting service like us, your reports can all be well taken care of.

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Company’s Accounting?

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping to a service provider is always a good option for your business. That’s where a reputed accounting service provider Singapore like Accounting DNA, would come in handy. Listed below are a few services that a small accounting firm in Singapore like ours offers:

Hassle-free off-loading

Outsourcing your accounting needs work to an accounting service like DNA Accounting can help ease the workload of your business. It would be better to let a trusted and experienced accounting practitioner handle your business affairs and taxation matters so that you get the time to take care of the other essential aspects.


Maintaining a business involves efficient management of cashflow and resources. This is where outsourced accounting services can help save effort, time, and money, especially for small-scale businesses.

Help with understanding regulatory norms

There are stringent laws that govern accounting and finance in Singapore. Tasks like tax filing, annual filing, preparing for audits, and compiling bank statements are effort and time-intensive. Getting the right resolutions in practice is also another important factor which is governed by the Singapore Companies Act. However, with some assistance from an experienced local accounting services provider, you can free up some time for more productivity.

Getting an expert opinion

It’s always better to consult an expert in matters that involve finances. These expert account managers can help you with an understanding of the market structure and facilitate the growth and expansion of your business in Singapore.

Keeping finances confidential

We strictly adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics by ISCA. Keeping your finances private won’t be a concern anymore with Accounting DNA. With our able team of expert accountants taking care of all your confidential business deals with the utmost discretion, any risk of losing data would be eliminated to a large extent.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Accounting Services

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping to a service provider is always a good option for your business. That’s where a reputed accounting service provider Singapore like Accounting DNA, would come in handy. Listed below are a few services that a small accounting firm in Singapore like ours offers:

Reducing the risk of occupational fraud

By outsourcing accounting services in Singapore, you can reduce the chance of fraud arising from your own internal staff. Instead of investing your valuable time dealing with issues revolving around finance, let our qualified consultants take over your bookkeeping, accounting, and other financial record maintenance activities. Outsourcing to an external accounting agency would ensure that the risks of occupational fraud and financial misconduct do not bother you anymore.

Organised finances and timely reports

One of the several benefits associated with outsourcing accounts is getting regular updates about the market. Several accounting service providers Singapore, like Accounting DNA, help develop financial reports and strategies.

Stay updated about accounting rules and regulations

The accounting service providers Singapore would keep a track of accounting standards and keep you informed about the latest changes. All you need to do is plan for your business accordingly.

Maintaining accurate and objective records

Since accounting companies have a dedicated team of professionals assigned to Singapore accounting services like bookkeeping and maintaining financial records, the chances of discrepancies are almost none. You can also expect the work done to be accurate and precise.

Entrust Your Accounting Needs to DNA – Outsourced Accounting Services Singapore

Dedicated Account Managers for Each Client

Time is of the essence when it comes to running your business. That’s why we adapt to your needs by providing you with flexible service hours, be it after regular office hours or on weekends. Your dedicated account manager will also work closely with you as a central point of communication, coordinating and responding to your various accounting needs. Simply text us or drop us an email, and we will respond to you ASAP!

Affordable and Competitive Accounting Services

Efficient and reliable Singapore accounting services shouldn’t have to burn through your finances–after all, we’re here to manage them, not exhaust them! That’s why our experienced team works closely with all our clients in order to provide you with outsourced accounting services, rely on us as the business support you need.

Professional Staff

No matter the accounting query, we’re ready to help you tackle it head on. Though we are a small accounting firm in Singapore, our team of professionals constantly improve themselves through regular internal training, and are constantly up to date with the latest Financial Reporting Standards, Companies Act regulations and tax amendment changes.

No Hidden Cost

Being transparent, accurate and honest is paramount in providing reliable outsourced accounting services, and we apply these standards to every element of our business. All our fees are presented clearly and will be agreed upon after personal discussions with our clients, so you can be certain that there will be no surprises in the form of hidden costs.


Our clients’ privacy is important to us and we take extra caution in keeping business information private and confidential. We are bound by the Code of Ethics by ISCA and ACRA, which means we will not disclose any important information to third parties without the proper and relevant authorisation.

One-stop Corporate Service

Convenience is key when dealing with tedious accounting matters, so you can trust us to be the one-stop accounting services provider for any of your business’ needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of services from setting up your company to bookkeeping, and tax services, to smaller task-based administrative services that are vital to a company such as setting up of Corppass for users.


DNA is just great! There was a lot of stress when we had to hire a secretary. How it’s like running a Company in Singapore. But with the experience of DNA Accounting team, they changed the company. It’s like they already knew what we were and what our goal was without even first asking us.


A friend referred me to DNA. I was very optimistic at first, because when I searched on Google, there wasn’t much reviews. We had a lot of problems in bookkeeping (I won’t talk about it in detail), but after we engaged their bookkeeping service, we have no such problems, everything was sorted and systematic. Thank You DNA.

Mr. Thomas LimDirector, APEX TRADING PTE LTD

I contacted DNA for my Singapore business incorporation thru referral. What I like about them is that they are very transparent about their service. Their professional support always provide me with almost immediate assistance whenever I need help! Strongly recommended to work with them if you are planning to incorporate a company! Thank You!

Mr. Kenny WongGeneral Manager, MEN & WHISKEY INTERIOR PTE LTD

When I heard about DNA Services, at first I was hesitant to engage them because my business is just small or in the starting phase. I took courage in getting their service in helping me in my company’s formation and administration services. I was pleased they deliver great service and they are still with me in providing ongoing company administration services like bookkeeping services and financial reports up to human resource management. They also helped me in monitoring my tax obligations in which I can focus on the daily progress of my business. That really helps me a lot! Thanks DNA!

Mdm. Jealina ChiangDirector, RUSH-ME-NOT ART STUDIO PTE LTD

My company is grateful to have engaged DNA for our company GST filing and accounting services. They are very co-operating and patient in solving every problem in a professional manner. They maintain a professional standard throughout our engagement with them. Another plus point is that they will be willing to go the extra mile to assist you and your company to solve any issues.

Mr. EliasDirector, LEON SYNERGY PTE. LTD.

Since taking over our accounts, Douglas asked swiftly going through the accounting reports produced by our previous bookkeepers and also he spared no effort in understanding the nature of our business and the operations involved.
He did an excellent job in clearing up the books and putting forth his recommendations to improve our bookkeeping function and also various accounting system.
Management report submitted are accurate and timely. They provide us with useful tools to analyze our performance and this information is key in the formulation of our strategic plan going forward.
They are responsible, efficient and professional in their approach towards his duties. In additions, they are diligent, willing to learn and receptive of new ideas. Hence, we would not hesitate to recommend DNA to potential clients, as I trust DNA would be an asset to them.

Mdm. Ginny NgDirector, CHALK FARM PTE. LTD.

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